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Dealing with the IRS or the GA department of Revenue on your own when you have a tax problem may actually create more problems for you and your family. Collection agents are carefully trained to ask probing questions in order to gain as much of a tactical advantage as possible in order to collect the greatest amount of tax. At Killingsworth Spencer, LLC in Roswell, our CPAs know the various collection tactics and the many ways an unsuspecting taxpayer who is in trouble may find themselves getting trapped. Don’t buy all of the hype you hear with the ads on radio and TV promising to cut the amount you owe by ridiculous percentages. Most taxpayers (greater than 90%) will never fall into the category to ever reach a settlement like that. By calling a professional who is both a local resource and properly trained to help you with your tax problem, we can actually save you time, money and sleepless nights.

How we can help:

Filing back taxes--businesses and individuals

IRS state tax liens and levies

Wage Garnishment

Offers in Compromise

Tax Settlement Options

We offer a free confidential tax analysis. Call us today at 770-552-8286 and let us put your mind at ease.

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